FUTR Live joining brands – both large and small – in an immersive ‘future of’ showcase giving visitors a peek into the technology, artistry, creativity and innovation industries are planning towards including beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, fitness, retail and more. Expect VR, AR, AI experiences, instagrammable moments, product takeaways and inspiring talks! Plus these will run alongside performances by professional athletes, influencer meet & greets, mindfulness workshops, media challenges and much more.

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 What's On

Museum Of Ice Cream has landed! Yes you heard that right.

Not showcased before in the Middle East, the Museum of Ice Cream is coming to FUTR Live! This insane immersive experience and New York resident, will be making its Abu Dhabi debut, and it is a double scoop of Insta-Tik Tok candy. Ticket entry is worth this alone - only available to experience for 2 days! 





VR + Gaming + Benefit Cosmetics = Excited

VR exclusive gaming experience hosted Benefit Cosmetics style. Play against your friends, content creators like Nintendo Girl, chill in the lounge with pink drinks and try out exclusive products! Cannot wait? Nor can we. Let's do this.









Did someone say Baskin Robbins?

Fresh from the new showroom line, Baskin will be rolling up to FUTR Live in style offering its latest flavours via its new ice cream truck! Look out for a new flavour exclusive to the event and in collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream installation. We never do things by halves ;-)






Bringing Space To Life - NASA has landed

Can you get more silent than space? We wouldn't know but we know someone who does....a mindblowing media and soundscape experience full of photographs, video and animations from launches, missions, space stations and Mars. Never seen before, you can even download the experience via a QR code onsite to take away with you. Brought to you by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. 





Introducing....Abby Roberts the Beauty Queen of Tik Tok!

YES you heard that right, FUTR Live are pleased to reveal that Abby Roberts (@abbyroberts) will be taking to the stage, showcase behind the scenes tips on her makeover looks and even have time to create some Boomerang magic with you. Limited slots availble.







FUTR of Beauty - Immersive Experience

The FUTR of Beauty is all about You – Personalization to your needs, targeted skincare. Explore colours, shading and products in a technology world. Your FUTR Aura.

Head over to the FUTR Live blog to see the other immersive experiences and activations never seen before globally. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them for yourselves on the 10th & 11th December.

Make sure your phone has plenty of memory & your mates are ready to capture your every move during these unmissable, instragammible, tik tok making…moments!!

MOB Kitchen Cook Off!

UK food media company and cooking crew, MOB Kitchen are stopping by FUTR Live! Join as they serve up some unique dishes for you to try, with full commentary, answering your quesitons and all whilst hopping on one leg! Ok maybe not the last point. Watch this space, you never know what local chef might challenge them to a cook off! 






Red Bulls Viki Gomez Rocks Up to FUTR Live

Hold onto your hats as BMX star and Red Bull athlete Viki Gomez is going to blow your mind with tricks. Think you've got BMX game? Why not show him what your made of. Better still talk to him about tips and fill your feed with videos to make your mates grow FOMO.








FUTR of Fashion - Immersive Experience

Walk into a larger than life walk-in wardrobe highlighted by artist Tiffany Loy’s brilliant tessellated fabric cut outs - Welcome to FUTR Lookbook the FUTR of Fashion – think sustainable, second-life, très chic (with smart mirrors & AR!).




Nintendo Girl to Take Centre Stage

International Tik Tok influencer Nintendo Girl (@nintendo.grl) will descend on FUTR Live to meet with fans and reveal all with an on stage talk. Want to learn how to build a following? Create killer content? Or even better, build a business from it? Look no further. Oh did we forget to mention she will also be taking part in the e-games exhibition where you can play against her! 







Whats the Time Mr.....Watchbox?!?!

Hell yeah - FUTR Live is teaming up with The Watchbox for an exclusive competition to win a luxury watch. Watch this space for details to be revealed soon #excited




FUTR of Travel & Auto - Immersive Experience

Transcend the FUTR of Travel & Auto at FUTR Space! Go THROUGH WORLDS, an immersive 360 audio-visual experience created by artists Jo-Ho & Intriguant. Whats inside that bubble? Step in to find out!




FUTR of Retail - Immersive Experience

Step into the FUTR of Retail right here at FUTR Shop. Shop future ready products, including unique NFTs created by global artists plus competitons to win merch galore (woop woop!)





FUTR of Food - Immersive Experience

What will be on our plates in the near future? Check out FUTR of Food at FUTR tastebud. How will food taste like, and where will it come from? Cultivate new tastes through bespoke programmes by esteemed food and recipe makers.





FUTR of Balance & Wellness - Immersive Experience

Cancel white noise. Cancel distractions. FUTR Void is the otherworld created through soundscapes by music producer, Planeswalker. Do not forget to keep breathing at the FUTR of Balance & Wellness.






FUTR of Sport & Fitness - Immersive Experience

Come experience how your body movements can turn into energizing silhouettes through Mirrored Augmentations, a dynamic data-visualization artwork by artist Ong Kian Peng. There’s no other place to find your FUTR Me at the FUTR of Sports & Fitness.





FUTR of Entertainment & Media - Immersive Activation

Discover current trends and novel ways of entertainment and media at FUTR Studio. Of vibrant, instagrammable sets and great lighting, it will be a treat for your senses and IG stories. #PictureOrItDidntHappen